MKE Fit was created with your goals in mind. Everyone's fitness journey looks different, because everyone's body is different. With our trainers, we customize a workout routine that we believe will best meet your fitness goals, whether it's bulking up, slimming down, or just maintaining your health. 

Diet is a major part of being the best you that you can be. With that in mind, we will help you to determine the best eating habits for you to be successful. We're not about cutting out your favorite foods or only eating salads for lunch. Maintaining healthy caloric intake and macros, you can still eat what you enjoy, train hard, and still reach your best body. 

Throughout the facility, we use a variety of training styles, techniques, and equipment, which separates us from the normal "big box" gyms around the area. We aren't your average trainers. We eat, breathe, and live the lifestyle.


MKE FIT Client

I am so thankful that I found Sabrina at Mke Fit. Not only she is skilled in her craft, but she is wonderful at instructing and correcting my form, which not everyone can do. I actually enjoy working out thanks to her, she is professional but she also has an awesome personality !! I highly recommend Sabrina as a personal trainer. You can tell she enjoys what she does and makes working out fun and still challenging.